Debuting "The Ensemble"

Abreu Fellow's mentor Eric Booth, one of the nation’s most creative teachers and father of the teaching artist profession, has just sent us the first edition of a brand new newsletter for the El Sistema Movement in the United States. The story behind the project in Eric’s own words:

“I was sitting at home a few weeks ago, thinking about how to get more communication going among the dedicated sites and individuals in this growing network. It hit me. A newsletter--focused on the national movement, rather than any one site.“

“I sensed right away it would be a useful contribution to the national ecosystem, especially if it lived independently rather than under any existing umbrella. I knew my overstuffed schedule didn't allow for me to do it alone, so I asked Tricia Tunstall if she would be the Editor. Many of you know Tricia--she is the author of the forthcoming major book on El Sistema (coming out in January from WW Norton) and is an independent observer, enthusiast and writer about the movement. Generously she agreed. So we are making it happen.”

Please do help us distribute the newsletter to raise the visibility of our movement: by forwarding the newsletter, placing it on your website, and by printing out some copies.

So here it is, enjoy!


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