Atlanta Music Project Celebration

Atlanta Music Project co-founders Dantes Rameau and Aisha Bowden have invited me to guest conduct the Sistema-inspired South Bend/Gilbert House Children's Orchestra in their end of year concert celebration at the Midtown W in Atlanta. I’ll spend a full week working with the orchestra and their teachers to prepare for the event. The final performance will feature over one hundred musicians who are "forging confidence, ambition, and creativity through music." The concert will also feature celebrity host Lauren Cohan, star of The Walking Dead. Stay tuned for updates from Atlanta. 

Learn more about the vision behind the Atlanta Music Project: 


Updates 05/20/14 

The concert was a success. The Atlanta Music Project is clearly a leading social change through music program in the United States. I am thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with their students, leaders, and advocates. It was wonderful to meet so many diligent youth who are forging a brighter future each day—making music with true joy and commitment. This week, I heard a third-grade clarinet player with skills well ahead of his age. I saw dedicated teachers who know how to nurture talent and build confidence in their orchestras. I met glowing parents proud of their students and a community of leaders who understand that giving youngsters a platform to engage in the pursuit of excellence is a noble and worthwhile investment. I was also inspired by our concert host Lauren Cohan, a passionate advocate for music who is kind to share her time and influence in support of those who need it most. There are many others who play a part in the program’s success. Sistema Fellows Dantes Rameau and Aisha Bowden are the co-founders and visionaries behind the project and lead everyone with infectious enthusiasm.  What great gift my friends have given to the city of Atlanta! 

See the picture sets by Anthony Alston Jr./Solidarity Films:


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